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The Pizzelle is known as a old fashioned Italian biscuit thats generally most commonly served near Easter and christmas time. Normally they measure around five ins in size and are made in a Pizzelle Iron or Pizzelle Maker. In past times they were prepared over a wood stove burner in a handheld Pizzelle Iron ( Similar to a waffle iron), but more lately electronic Pizzelle Makers have turned into the chosen way of baking. The use of this apparatus gives the Pizzelle its unique snowflake design.

The ingredients necessary for making Pizzelle pastries consist of flour, sugar, eggs and butter and also a flavoring which can include vanilla, cinnamon or chocolate. Several supermarkets and foodstores sell finished Pizzelle mixes to make this process simpler.

Pizzelle cookies will differ in texture and consistency according to exactly how they have been prepared. These are generally eaten as a flat biscuit and could be either crisp and brittle as well as much softer and more chewy. Occasionally they are folded in to a cone appearance with the help of a wood made dowel which may then be loaded with a filling such as cannoli cream.

As present day electronic Pizzelle Makers have been introduced and become really reasonably priced the cookery procedure has become faster and simpler. It has caused lots of house holds consuming the cookies regularly as opposed to specific occasions that seemed to be the situation historically. 

 Electronic Pizzelle Makers by suppliers like Villaware are capable of cooking two to four cookies in around 30 seconds. Generally they include a non-stick covering that not only makes the cooking method a very simple task, but means that maintaining the unit takes a matter of seconds.

 To learn more about these delightful Italian treats or to surf through a selection of Pizzelle Makers please visit the Pizzelle Maker internet site. Here you will see a large selection of associated cookery equipment, suggestions and guides. 


Our food is all made with natural, fresh ingredients that we source locally. Let us know if you have dietary restrictions - our friendly staff will help you find just the meal you want.

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